“Our greatest asset is our enthusiasm. Children think that they can jump from here to the moon. At United Stations we think that’s a constructive point of view. We’re not over confident and we don’t think we’re invincible. We try to see things in a very open way. The childlike point of view has great power. Business is a natural outgrowth of play. We get excited about what we are interested in. And when it comes to RADIO we’re like a bunch of nine-year-olds.”

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Our handpicked team combines fresh ideas and enthusiasm with the knowledge and insight gained from management experience that goes back twenty two years in radio sales.

United Stations’ vision is to be the company of choice for assisting RADIO owners to maximise their advertising revenue. In order to realise this vision, we leverage off of our core competency in RADIO sales by entering into agreements to represent RADIO owners.

The United Stations team sells advertising, sponsorships and promotions and develops sustainable market driven concepts and RADIO properties for our portfolio of clients.

The United Stations approach to RADIO sales differs to that of other sales houses in that we work closely with our clients, establishing and building their brands in the marketplace.

At United Stations we like to add creativity to anything we can, and we’re brimming full of powerful ways to make even your straight spot campaign hit home with our listeners. For example,

  • Target listeners at a specific time of day: if you’re a fast-food restaurant we can plan your ad spots around lunchtime for a timely nudge to drive footfall.
  • Is online a major part of your business? We know exactly when our listeners are online, and can ensure your message reaches them when they’re happily surfing away.
  • Something for the weekend? If you’re launching your latest event we can up weight your schedule to later in the week and around listener’s leisure time.
  • In a competitive market? (Who isn’t?) We can give you maximum stand-out by running your ad in a solus position – so you’ll be the only thing on our listeners’ minds.
  • Do you sell fantastic holidays? Let us run your ad in a prime spot within or adjacent to our Travel features – a perfect way to tap into their mind set while dreaming of escape!

Spot airtime is actually a very flexible way of advertising on radio as brands can use different environments relevant to products or services. For example if you are a breakfast cereal, position your commercials in one of our breakfast shows while people are eating their breakfast as this will make the message relevant.

IMG-20130807-01563Radio is able to track an individual through their daily routines: we run exclusive fast food ads at lunchtime, for example.

Research shows that advertising which is relevant to a listener’s activity is over 60% more likely to be recalled i.e. an auto glass brand communicating to people to get their windscreen fixed while listening to the radio in their car is relevant and more likely to get a call to action.

Airtime is great at multiplying the effect of other media. For press/outdoor campaigns it can bring to life the visual image; for TV, radio can remind people of the ad via the soundtrack or catchphrase.

Radio advertising creates a large “share of mind” for a brand. Radio is commonly known as the frequency medium. Over 90% of the adult population listens to the radio for an average of more than four hours each day each so advertisers stand to gain a huge share of mind for their brand and greater standout if they use radio.


Our stations offer advertisers opportunities to appear in the context of special programming that supports their message. These special features cover a wide range of programming such as motoring, cooking, sport, news, business, personal finance, traffic & travel. These are our highest profile spots with an appointment to listen from our listeners, high attention programming and massive standout.

Sponsorship does much more than simply create awareness, and it does a very different job to a one-off promotional campaign. Maybe you want to develop your brand’s existing values, own a position in the marketplace, or change customer perceptions over a longer period? Whatever your objectives, we’ll deliver a genuine partnership between our stations and your brand, and create a powerful association for listeners.

Advertising online

Our website portfolio is second to none as an advertising platform to reach fans of music, information and entertainment. Our opportunities include:

  • Turnkey ideas.
  • Streaming (audio commercials, Gateway ads, display ads on our media players, etc.)
  • Audio on demand (Pod casts, audio or video)
  • Auctions
  • Sponsorships (programmes specifically for online use, advertorials)
  • Videos
  • Directories (Restaurants, golf courses, weddings, etc.)
  • SMS (receive and send, weather, sports scores, notice of favourite artist, electronic coupons in automated responses)
  • Email (e–Newsletters, database marketing, coupons)
  • Ad Serving (serve and track ads)

It’s All About You

Our “This week it’s all about” packages have proven to be a very successful format for a number of our customers. They offer a brand the opportunity to become fully integrated within the conversation on the station with content that we specially tailor to convey the advertiser’s key marketing messages.

Using station sound and music, plus the best in voice talent, we produce features in-house that are standalone pieces of editorial but also have the flexibility to adapt to fully reflect the theme of a client’s marketing campaign. The use of station voices, or relevant celebrity voices, adds credibility, sometimes impartiality, and extra endorsement to the features. This ensures that the” It’s All About” campaign achieves stand out and resonance with our listeners.

“It’s All About” campaigns are often supported with a presence on the stations website that compliments the on-air activity. This provides the opportunity to interact with our audience, generate data capture through competitions, create a visual element to the campaign and drive our listeners through to the advertiser’s website for more information.

Each campaign is created individually for the advertiser.