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To be the #1 partner for radio stations and digital platforms, by maximizing their revenue.


United Stations is a specialist radio and digital sales partner. We use our distinctive method of marketing and selling to maximise the revenue streams and profit of our clients.


We are an entrepreneurial and energetic company that combines fresh ideas and enthusiasm with the knowledge and insight gained from management experience that goes back thirty years in radio sales.

Sit in on a sales meeting at US, and you will find a distinctive atmosphere. This is a community of cohesive, like-minded people. They are clear on what they are doing and why they are here. They have a sense of shared vision, a powerful and compelling organizational culture. This climate of can-do permeates the building and envelops everyone there, from the receptionist to the top producers. These are business- people in sales, not salespeople in business.

Specialization means that everyone celebrates the same things:

  • Getting results for customers.
  • Developing new business
  • Retaining and growing existing business.
  • Increasing customer loyalty.

There are no distractions from the task of solving customer problems by connecting them to our stations audiences, a task more commonly known as “selling.” Inside United Stations, this is a noble function and everyone celebrates selling done well. There is no question that selling is a profession, a service, a skill, and a value-creating activity.

The United Stations team sells advertising, events, sponsorships and promotions and develops market driven concepts and digital properties for our portfolio of media platforms. Our approach to Radio and Digital sales differs to that of other sales houses in that we work closely with our clients, establishing and building their brands in the marketplace. United Stations aims to create a situation without boundaries between us and our clients, so as to ensure that both sides are keenly aware of the objectives and expectations.

Hire us and we deliver at pre agreed costs, to exacting high standards, on time and with outstanding service.